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First Lexus electric car likely won't be for America

With a debut scheduled in China this month, Lexus' language made it sound like the model isn't for us.

Lexus electric car teaser
Confirmed: Lexus' upcoming EV will sport an "Electric" badge.

Lexus and parent automaker Toyota have been fairly reserved when it comes to battery-electric models, instead chasing fuel-cell technology and hybrid systems. That's set to change this month as Lexus will unveil its first production electric car. But hopes we'll see the model in America are dwindling.

In a Monday announcement, Lexus said the upcoming electric car has been "specifically crafted to suit the needs of audiences in China and Europe." There's no mention of the US, which makes it likely we won't see this Lexus EV yet. The company will turn to the Guangzhou Auto Show in China to reveal the model.

That goes against our best guess just a few weeks ago when Lexus formally said it had a production electric car ready to show this month. At the time, without the context clues, it seemed an LA Auto Show debut was a given. Now, with America seemingly left out of the EV party, it's a safe bet this electric vehicle will stick to other parts of the world.

We don't yet know what kind of body style the electric model will take the shape of. Rumors have pointed to a battery-electric version of the subcompact UX crossover. However, Lexus could surprise us and show a unique model with an electric powertrain. The brand showed a wildly futuristic concept at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show called the LF-30, and it also rolled out the LF-SA concept a few years ago.

Both may hint at a design for the production EV, but if it's going to be an electric UX, changes will be mild at best compared to the standard model. The only hint we have of this model is the photo attached showing a badge reading "Electric." It hardly gives much away.

Toyota has plans for 10 electric cars by the middle of next decade. We're hoping we'll see one of them, but it seems this Lexus EV will be off limits.

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