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Production Lexus electric vehicle set for November debut

It'll come hot on the heels of the LF-30 concept shown this week at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Lexus LF-30 concept

Whatever the production EV is, it's not going to look as futuristic as this. I promise.


This week was all about the Lexus LF-30 electric car concept the brand showed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, but the luxury division doesn't plan to let up on electrified vehicles. In fact, we'll see the first production Lexus electric car debut next month.

The company confirmed the production debut in the LF-30 concept's announcement, and additionally, called it a "battery-electric vehicle." It will mark the first time Toyota, which oversees the Lexus brand, will show off a mass-production electric vehicle. No, the RAV4 EV does not count.

There's no word on what form the electric car will take, but rumors have long pegged the model to be some sort of small crossover or hatchback. It could be a battery-electric version of the current UX crossover. Lexus also previously showed the LF-SA concept back in 2015, which was a tiny electric city car. 

Or maybe the rumors are totally wrong about the UX and we'll see some sort of new model with inspiration from the LF-SA and the latest LF-30 concept. The latter is far better looking than the former, in my opinion. It wears the angular hatchback look much more elegantly.

Across Toyota, the company has plans for 10 electric vehicles by the middle of next decade. That plan will kick off with a solid-state battery concept set to debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which the automaker confirmed with Roadshow. Lexus added in EV debut announcement that its first plug-in hybrid and a dedicated electric-car platform will show up next decade as well.

There's only one major auto show that takes place in the month of November: the Los Angeles Auto Show. It's highly likely we'll see the car debut then, unless the automaker has a separate standalone debut prepared outside of the auto show circuit. Stay tuned.

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