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Lewis Hamilton rolls out Mercedes-AMG's E Performance division with One supercar

The One celebrates Mercedes-AMG's Formula One dominace, but it also serves as a halo vehicle for the division.

The Mercedes-AMG One is not a typical supercar. Underneath the metal sits a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6 engine married to a hybrid system, and it comes straight from the Mercedes-AMG team's Formula One car. The same car seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton drives. And who better to test the car in its final development stages?

The company said Sunday, the same day the 2020 F1 season come to a close, that Hamilton will now provide his expertise to help shape the AMG One in the final stages of its development. It hasn't been an easy go for the supercar as AMG had to figure out how to make an F1 engine work in a road car. But the mad scientists gave it their all, and the car's nearly ready for the street. The F1 champ himself has also been involved in the project from the start.

Hamilton has another job, though. He becomes a de facto ambassador for AMG's new E Performance division. The One will sit as a halo vehicle for this sector with its electrified V6, but AMG said it has two additional electrified cars coming. It's a massive shift for the brand, which long championed brute force and big engines over all, but 2021 marks a big turning point for everyone involved with Mercedes-AMG.

The first AMG One deliveries will start next year, and all 275 cars are sold out, if you were still mulling the idea of buying one. They also cost $2.72 million a pop, so it's not like anyone here at Roadshow was ever in the running.

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