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Lego Top Gear rally car is the remote controlled toy of childhood dreams

It operates via an app that provides tons of cool feedback.

Yeah, this is sweet.

Lego is going to the Los Angeles Auto Show for the first time, and honestly, it's bringing something pretty cool with it.

Everyone's favorite toy block company will reveal the Lego Top Gear rally car at the LA show this week. It's not necessarily based on a specific vehicle, but Lego worked directly with the folks at Top Gear to make one menacing Lego race car. It sort of has the shape of a Renault R5 Turbo and that's not a bad thing in the slightest for rally racing nerds. I say that with the utmost respect, do note.

Total, there are 463 pieces builders will need to assemble before they can put the Lego rally car through its paces. There's also a single large motor and an extra-large motor to provide power for the remote controlled functions after it's totally put together. A Bluetooth-powered smart hub brings it all together and drivers will control the rally car via the Lego Technic Control-Plus smartphone app.

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On the app, there's actually quite a bit of information. Between three different screens, builders can control the car's acceleration, steer it and brake. There are also sound effects of sorts, though I don't know what they are. Certainly, it won't be The Stig saying anything. This first screen also provides speed and a tilt log.

Flip to screen two and builders can steer the car with gyro control and tilt their smartphone or tablet left or right. Screen three is home to achievements and challenges builders can take up. I know the age recommendation is 9-plus, but I fail to see how this wouldn't be great for adults.

It won't necessarily break the bank either at $129.99. Lego and Top Gear fans will be able to purchase the set starting New Year's Day.

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