Lamborghini gives Amazon's Alexa the keys to your Huracan

Now you can talk to your Italian exotic, and more importantly, it will actually talk back.

"Hey, Alexa, call my accountant."
Drew Phillips/Lamborghini

First announced at CES 2020, Lamborghini's new Amazon Alexa integration will soon be a reality. The company confirmed Wednesday that, beginning April 12, all 2021 Huracan Evo models with the Smartphone Interface and Connected Services option can now use Alexa voice commands to adjust things like the car's climate controls, lights, seat heaters, navigation, phone and more.

For all-wheel-drive Huracan Evo buyers, Alexa's voice controls can be used to access feedback from the car's driving dynamics screens, with information about torque vectoring, traction control and so on. Alexa will even run her tendrils into the car's driver assistance package, meaning switching from Strada to Corsa is just a mumble away.

Of course, those features are also accessible by way of a button-press, which will likely continue as the preferred means of interaction for most.

While this level of in-car integration is novel, perhaps more important is the level of access that Alexa provides to devices outside the car. Lamborghini owners will be able to control many aspects of their smart mansions while away. Alexa updates will be provided to Lamborghini drivers over the air, and the company says this technology can be retrofitted to older Huracan Evo models with a quick visit to the dealer.

This initial integration is only the first step in Lamborghini's partnership with Amazon Alexa. Look for more updates to roll out over the coming years.

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