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Kia Niro teased ahead of global debut and it should be spicy

The production car will take heavy inspiration from Kia's 2019 HabaNiro concept.

Kia Niro teaser
Looks like another well-done Kia so far.

We're in for another new Kia as the company continues to refresh its lineup, and this time on deck is the Niro. The crossover that comes in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery-electric choices will make its global debut in Korea on Nov. 25, the automaker said. The teasers were generous, however, with a photo of the front, rear and interior attached.

Kia Niro teaser

This is an interesting angle of the car.


They're dark shots that certainly don't reveal the crossover, but so far, it's easy to see the connections to the HabaNiro concept. Kia debuted the concept car back in 2019, which previewed the new Niro. It also made plenty of spicy jokes about the car at the time, naturally. The production car hangs onto the jagged LED accent lights and what looks like a thin light bar separating the hood and front fascia. Somewhere, the actual headlights will live, but it's hard to tell in the teaser. It's also clear Kia remains totally onboard with its "Opposites United" design language.

While the front is rather smooth looking, the rear takes things in a more upright and chiseled direction with vertical taillights. It's hard to make out many of the details, but the HabaNiro's red elements appear to translate to the production car with a splash of red above the rear wheel arch that extends to the roof. Perhaps it's just part of the teaser, but it would be pretty cool to see this for production in some way.

Kia Niro



As for the interior, Kia said to expect "unconventional" horizontal and diagonal forms throughout. The teaser image for the cabin reveals a large screen (not surprising) that will likely encompass a digital gauge cluster and the infotainment system. Trim outlines for the center stack and passenger door also give off a tucked-in vibe. Perhaps it's an actual trim piece or maybe it's some mood lighting, but Kia cabins have been real winners as of late.

For those of us in the US, we'll see the new car revealed on Thanksgiving day.