Kia military truck concept shows off for the world to see

The Light Tactical Cargo Truck can even transform into a command center or mobile workshop.

It's a South Korean Humvee!

Kia may be best known for affordable and funky cars here in the US, but abroad, it has a history building military vehicles. On Monday, it showcased its next military concept in the Light Tactical Cargo Truck, an extension of the general "Kia Light Tactical Vehicle" name. We received slim details on this new project last year, and you may be surprised to know it's based on the short-lived Kia Borrego, but it looks ready to serve.

The company prided the truck's engineering saying it's a mighty flexible machine for those in the field. Depending on how fleets order there's, Kia can make arrangements to have the KLTV turn into something like a command center, or even a workshop. If that's not necessary, the company can outfit the vehicle for cargo-carrying duty. 

Kia Light Tactical Vehicle concept

Here's what Kia's beast looks like under the skin.


This isn't meant to actually head into combat much, though. Kia does plan for armored and unarmored versions, with the former stripped of some of the versatility. Kia said this is a vehicle meant for running alongside diverse armory to, most importantly, transport troops.

Under the hood is a Kia-made diesel engine routing power to an eight-speed automatic transmission and then to all four wheels. A limited-slip differential and run-flat tires are also part of the package. Kia hasn't said when it plans to put this guy into production -- it's still a "concept" -- but whatever production truck comes should look very similar to what you see here.