Kia drops a cornucopia of 2020 Soul teasers just before Thanksgiving

And by the looks of it, this car is no turkey.

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Those headlights work pretty darn well with the Soul's style.


On the eve of Thanksgiving, has seen fit to supply the table with quite a bounty -- provided you're after 2020 Kia Soul teasers and not, you know, food.

Kia has teased the 2020 Soul yet again before its debut at the 2018 LA Auto Show . This time, it didn't just drop one picture -- the automaker unveiled five, and they give away a good deal of the car, including a bit of the interior. Heck, Kia even saw fit to give us some basic specs, too.

The picture of the green Soul in silhouette shows off the car's entire top half, including the front end, which rocks much thinner lights than it did before. The other exterior teaser is similar to the first, but it does tell us that a two-tone red-and-white getup will be an option. The interior's teasers offer fun and funk in equal doses, thanks to splashes of color and cute design elements on the door panels.

The infotainment screen is the weirdest part of the 2020 Soul. It appears to be a widescreen version of Kia's UVO system, but it looks like it's been reskinned to appear a bit more contemporary and less cartoonish. The screen itself isn't weird -- it's the dashboard that surrounds it, expanding outward like a balloon reaching its limit of inflation.

Kia also announced that the Soul will get a "ruggedly styled" X trim, in addition to the usual trim levels which include LX, EX and S. The automaker said that regular gas-engine variants of the 2020 Soul will get either a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated I4 or a 1.6-liter turbocharged I4, the latter of which can mate to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The , as we mentioned with the last teaser, will come back to the US, albeit in limited markets. We'll find out more when we're in LA after the holiday next week.

Feast upon five teasers of the 2020 Kia Soul

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