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Jurassic Park's Ford Explorer SUVs inspired these very out-there Reebok shoes

So, yeah, these are something.

These are a thing.

Jurassic Park fans, rise up and prepare for your next pair of shoes. It appears a Twitter account by the name of Nice Kicks leaked a new project from Reebok on Tuesday, and it goes heavy on the nostalgia vibes. Specifically, the colors pull directly from the iconic Ford Explorer SUVs used in the fictional park.

Just like the Explorers, the shoes feature a yellow base on the side, fade into a green and finish off with red scale-like patterns. There's another green hue that takes center stage around the lace area, while a Jurassic Park logo sticks out from the shoe's tongue. I personally can't tell if these are super cool, or way too over the top. But, even though I totally can't rock these, they're still pretty awesome to look at.

Reebok declined to comment on the leak, but if high-quality photos exist, these will likely land pretty soon for fans of Jurassic Park, and maybe OG Ford Explorers, to scoop up very soon.