Jeep Wrangler Performance Parts edition headed to Chicago

Jeep and Mopar have a lot of fancy parts for the Wrangler headed to the Chicago Auto Show.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
Jeep Performance Parts limited edition teaser

Expect lots of Mopar goodies on this thing.


The Chicago Auto Show is nearly upon us, and Jeep has given us a quick look at what to expect. 

The company showed off a single teaser of its Jeep Wrangler Performance Parts limited edition on Thursday, but didn't share much other information. The sole photo shows a blue Wrangler with tube-style doors and likely a set of Mopar wheels. Otherwise, we're in the dark on what else this Wrangler packs.

This Performance Parts limited edition will have no shortage of parts to choose from, however. Mopar has over 200 performance parts for the Jeep brand. The company obviously takes a hard look at what off-road enthusiasts want from their Jeeps and the parts selection caters to exactly that.

That's all we know about the decked-out Jeep so far, but the show opens to the media on Feb. 6. Then, we'll learn more about what Mopar has to offer with the limited edition model.

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