Jeep is eyeing Toledo, Ohio for a new factory customization facility, report says

This new facility would be housed in a pair of disused factories, both of which are currently owned by the city.

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Jeep is reportedly considering expanding its presence in Toledo, Ohio.


Water is wet, the sky is blue and people love customizing their Jeeps. To that end, is working on repurposing a couple of disused facilities in Toledo, Ohio, to become a factory customization center, according to a report published Tuesday by the Toledo Blade.

The facilities in question were previously operated by Textileather and MedCorp, but have since been purchased by the city of Toledo. They are now being offered to Jeep for the princely sum of $1 in exchange for the proposed $23 million investment that the new customization center would bring in -- not to mention an estimated 300 jobs.

We asked Jeep if it would elaborate on the plans for in-house customization, but it declined to comment on that, saying only:

 "The iconic Jeep brand has a special connection and history with Toledo and all of its residents. We appreciate the City Council's consideration of this proposal and would like to thank the City of Toledo and the Mayor's Office for all of their efforts. At this time, we have no further details to provide."

Without reading too much into that, it seems like there is indeed something afoot in Toledo, a city that already hosts a significant Jeep production presence.

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