Jaguar's electric I-Pace concept will land at dealerships in 2018

I'd count on it looking more like the F-Pace when it does, though.

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Jaguar I-Pace Concept

Already, Jaguar's F-Pace is delivering sales by the boatload. It's so successful, in fact, that Jaguar's already built an electric concept sibling and will make it a reality in 2018.

The only real similarity to the F-Pace is its general crossover shape. Since electric cars don't need big bulky front ends to accommodate internal combustion engines, the whole cabin is pushed forward. To me, it looks like a snake and the F-Pace had, um, relations to create this car. Those front fenders are positively magical from certain angles.

The interior is a bit more down to earth, but not by much. There's a pretty traditional Jaguar steering wheel with new touch-style switches. The rest of the dashboard is littered with screens, a smattering of physical switchgear and some seats that look sporty (read: uncomfortable for long trips).

Of course, since it's an electric concept destined to become a production model, there are some facts and figures to take in. Its electric motors on each axle combine to provide just under 400 horsepower and about 516 pound-feet of torque. 60 mph should arrive in about 4 seconds flat.

Its battery isn't the largest, offering just 220 miles by Jaguar's EPA-style estimates, despite a 90-kWh pack. The Tesla Model X can go a bit farther, 250 miles, with the same battery capacity. That said, based on the very brief, computer-graphics look at the I-Pace's battery structure, the two appear to use completely different cell types, which could explain it.

Jaguar's goal is to reveal the production I-Pace (thank goodness it's a capital I) late in 2017, likely at the beginning of the auto show circuit. From there, it'll hit dealers in 2018. It'll be Jaguar's first electric vehicle, and it probably won't be cheap. With certain F-Pace models fetching as high as $56,700, I'd expect this electric analog to command a price closer to six digits. The I-Pace will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show for the duration of the event.

The Jaguar I-Pace is coming to production and it's spectacular

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