Jaguar Unveils Slick Vision Gran Turismo Roadster

It's the third car Jaguar has "built" for Polyphony Digital's video game series.

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It's like the D-Type and F-Type had a baby, and that baby went straight to motorsports school.


For several years, the Gran Turismo video game series has offered automakers the chance to build pie-in-the-sky concepts as part of the in-game Vision Gran Turismo lineup, which represents the extreme ends of automotive engineering. The latest creation to land on your console comes from Jaguar, and it's a good one.

Jaguar on Wednesday unveiled the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster. This is the third Vision Gran Turismo car from Jaguar, following the Vision GT Coupe and the Vision GT SV. Its smooth aesthetics and single-seat layout hark back to the days of vintage Jaguar race cars like the D-Type. In fact, there's a pretty strong family line to the D-Type here, thanks to that fin atop the body.

Jaguar says that the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster is bedecked with luxurious trimmings, like leather straps on the front fenders and a body structure made from carbon fiber composites and aluminum alloys. Its weight distribution is nearly perfect, too. That's all digital, of course. Some automakers do build full-scale representations of their Vision Gran Turismo cars, but the only way you'll ever slide behind the seat is in your living room.

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As you might expect, the Vision Gran Turismo Roadster is electric. Three electric motors provide a net output of 1,006 horsepower and 885 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to send this lithe race car to 60 mph in under 2.0 seconds. It'll stretch its legs past 200 mph, too, because what highfalutin super-machine doesn't in this day and age?

All you have to do to snag this car is boot up Gran Turismo 7 (you do have a PS5, right?) and slide behind the wheel. Jaguar also released the Vision Gran Turismo SV this week after first previewing it in December 2020. That one is a little more hardcore, offering a take on endurance racing with a four-motor electric twist.