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Jaguar-Land Rover concept features crazy bus-like doors

Named Project Vector, it doesn't look at all like a Jag, or a Land Rover for that matter.

Jaguar Land Rover

Feast your eyes on what Jaguar-Land Rover believes is the future of urban mobility. To be frank, it's not the elegant style we've come to know and love so much from the British brands, but this is it.

Titled Project Vector, JLR revealed the utilitarian, cube-ish vehicle on Tuesday. It says the concept is a big part of the company's "Destination Zero" mission, which calls for zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. Numerous automakers have an identical mission statement, so that's nothing new.

Jaguar-Land Rover Project Vector

At least the red one looks... kind of sporty?

Jaguar Land Rover

The vehicle is an "autonomy-ready" electric car (note there's still a steering wheel present), and it's mighty flexible, according to the automaker. Like many multipurpose concept vehicles, it has room for a group of people in a shared setting, or a configuration that keeps things more private. As is the trend, the skateboard platform lets JLR cram all the battery and drivetrain components into a flat floor, which greatly opens up interior and cargo room.

JLR didn't dive into the specifics surrounding Project Vector, however, so we don't know how big the battery is, or how far it'll go before needing to plug in. Overall, the automaker was keen to underscore it truly believes this is how a vast majority of people will travel in the future.

Jaguar-Land Rover Project Vector

There's still a steering wheel, so no, this isn't a self-driving car.

Jaguar Land Rover

The vision calls for these kinds of mobility boxes to dart around cities and integrate into public transportation networks. Plus, Project Vector is meant to coexist with today's private vehicles, not replace them outright.

We should learn more about JLR's creation in the months to come. The automaker said the concept was built with a mobility service in mind, which it plans to launch in 2021. Come then, some version of Project Vector may hit the streets of Coventry, England.

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