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Traumatize yourself but not the environment in Jaguar's I-Pace 'Ring taxi

The program will run until late November and will cost just $164 for a lap of the famed Nurburgring Nordschleife.

The Jaguar 'ring taxi program offers all the thrills of a Nordschliefe lap but none of the pollution.

If the idea of being relentlessly jostled in a sporty car as it's ruthlessly pounded around the Nurburgring sounds good to you, but you just can't get down with internal combustion, we have good news for you.

Jaguar is starting up a 'Ring taxi service featuring its all-electric I-Pace SUV. That means that, for the Euro equivalent of $164, you can have a professional driver scare the bejesus out of you for around 10 minutes as they careen around one of the world's most dangerous racetracks -- all while emitting nothing but your screams.

Jaguar is officially calling its 'Ring taxi program "Race eTaxi," and it will run through at least the end of the Jaguar eTrophy racing series in late November. If you're interested in traumatizing your friends and family -- but not the environment -- you can get exact dates at Jaguar Germany's website.

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