Here's what the $1.1M Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign looks like

Deliveries are set to begin in 2019 and continue through 2020.

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Those headlights are killer.


When first showed off its GT-R50 collaboration with automotive design house Italdesign, many were stunned to hear that it would actually go into production. Now, we have an idea of what those 50 lucky buyers can expect to arrive in their driveways.

Nissan on Friday confirmed the production design of the GT-R50 with a new series of images. Compared to the concept, the exterior has barely changed, but the interior looks much closer to that of the stock -- the motorsport-style gauge cluster is gone, and in its place is a regular GT-R cluster, with a proper infotainment screen by its side once more. Italdesign can get away with a lot, but it probably can't get away with charging $1.1 million for a car without a screen.

Here's how the whole process will work. 50 lucky people will contact Italdesign through their website, and they'll get the privilege of paying 990,000 euro (about $1.1 million) for one of its cars. Italdesign will then pluck a range-topping GT-R Nismo from the end of Nissan's assembly line, and it'll get whisked away to Italy to have its hand-formed body panels and other modifications applied.

While Nissan only showed off one spec of the GT-R50 here, buyers' cars will likely look much different. Italdesign will allow customers the chance to customize their vehicles through the use of different colors and materials. All that work means deliveries will take some time -- cars aren't expected to reach owners until 2019, and deliveries will continue through 2020.

If the style won't knock you on your keester, the powertrain certainly will. While regular GT-R Nismo models make do with 600 horsepower, the GT-R50's 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 will have its output boosted to a proper 710 hp. Roadshow's own Steven Ewing took the concept for a spin earlier this year and walked away impressed.

Italdesign's Nissan GT-R50 production design revealed

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