Inkas will sell you an awesome armored G-Wagen limo for $1.16 million

The Inkas G63 will handle small arms fire with ease and should go great with your private air force.

Kyle Hyatt Former news and features editor
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Kyle Hyatt
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Back in the day, if you were a dictator, despot, or just ludicrously wealthy and paranoid person, then you had yourself a Mercedes 600. It was the biggest, fastest and most expensive car you could buy. Nowadays, the world is a different place, and those same despots and celebrities want the same features but in a different package, and thankfully, Inkas is willing and able oblige them.

The Inkas armored G63 stretch limousine is the kind of vehicle that sends a message. First, it says that you're as rich as Croesus because it costs upwards of $1.157 million to buy, and secondly, that you probably have more than a few enemies. Still, it looks like a real choice place to spend time, especially if someone is peppering your vehicle with small-arms fire.

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The Inkas armored G63 AMG limousine costs over $1 million and has a serious ballistic resistance rating.


The Inkas G63 meets the European CEN 1063 BR7 armor rating, which means that it can withstand three shots from a rifle chambered in 7.62 x 51mm NATO, an impact which would produce 3,290 joules (the equivalent of 2,426.58 pound-feet) of energy per shot. This is a full level higher than Inkas' previous model armored SUV. In addition to all of the armor plating and ballistic glass, the exterior of the Inkas G63 features an infrared and thermal camera system to monitor the vehicle's perimeter. The camera feeds are able to record locally and upload to the cloud.

While undergoing a hail of submachine gun fire, passengers can enjoy amenities such as a 4K TV with Apple TV , Google HomeKit and Apple Siri integration, a full bar with built-in refrigerator, as well as massaging, reclinable seats. The G63 also features a customizable headliner that is apparently calibrated to mimic sunlight and increase overall well-being (something which we'd imagine is important while you're being assaulted by kidnappers or guerrillas). The rest of the interior is almost entirely customizable, as you'd expect from something at this price point.


Inkas ensures that you'll be comfortable and well-entertained despite the hail of gunfire that is pelting the outside of your vehicle.


It's hard for a peasant such as myself to conceive of the need for such a sturdy and luxurious mode of transport, but I tell you, I wouldn't turn down a ride in one. Inkas, call me.