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Infiniti shares another teaser of coupe-like QX55 crossover

This stylish utility vehicle was inspired by the brand's popular FX model from years past.

This is how the new Infiniti QX55's profile should look.
Infiniti QX55

A new crossover is joining Infiniti's lineup. The QX55 is a fashion-forward five-door with dramatic styling including a coupe-like roofline.

The Japanese luxury automaker initially teased this product back at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August, releasing a sketch consisting of but a few brushstrokes that hinted at the vehicle's general shape. Today, they're elaborating on what's in store for this upcoming model.

A much more revealing illustration was released, one that shows the roofline, some of its rear and how the hood will be sculpted. Inspired by the brand's popular FX crossover, which was introduced in the early 2000s, the QX55 is a design-focused vehicle, one that probably sacrifices a small amount of practicality in exchange for more sultry styling.

Given this vehicle's general shape and the hood's heavy sculpting, it is almost certainly based off the appealing Infiniti QX50 crossover. Following various German luxury automakers, this is essentially a coupe-inspired version of that nameplate.

The QX55's hood and portions of its roof appear almost identical to what's found on the QX50, though the shape of the daylight opening, that's the vehicle's side glass, is not the same. The QX50 has a kink in its C-pillar whereas the QX55's drops smoothly down to the beltline; its rear glass also seems significantly more steeply raked.

Infiniti's upcoming QX55 appears to have something of a bustle-back rear, with an almost shelf-like bump sticking out from the rear hatch, something that adds a bit of visual interest to the vehicle's profile. This element is nowhere to be found on the more-conservatively styled QX50.

Given its unique backend, the taillights will have to be different between these two vehicles. On the QX50, its two lamp assemblies are joined by a chrome strip running across the rear. This flourish appears to be missing on the QX55, though it's impossible to say for certain based on the image released.

The QX50 is powered by a 2.0-liter, variable-compression, four-cylinder engine. Thanks to turbocharging, it delivers a stout 268 horsepower with 280 pound-feet of twist. It's matched to a continuously variable automatic transmission. Torque is routed to either the front or all four wheels depending on configuration. This could be the same powertrain that will make it under the QX55's hood.

Product planners at Infiniti must be confident there's room for another entrant in the luxury-crossover space, which is why they're pushing for the QX55 to go on sale next summer.

Over the next three years, Infiniti will introduce five new products. The QX55 is one of them.

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