Infiniti is making wireless Apple CarPlay a free upgrade

If you've got a 2020 or 2021 Q50, Q60 QX50 or QX80 then this is for you.

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It's free wireless CarPlay time in Infiniti-land!

Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow

Do you know what's a decidedly rare pleasure these days? When you buy something and then the company you purchased it from upgrades its features for free, without a bunch of weird conditions or strings attached. That's precisely what is doing, though.

Specifically, Infiniti is doing this for owners of 2020 and up , , , and models by upgrading those models with wireless Apple CarPlay , according to an announcement made by Infiniti on Tuesday.

The free upgrade will be available until March 31, 2022, and should make for a nice bump in functionality for the estimated 80% of Infiniti customers who own Apple products. Wireless CarPlay is also standard on a handful of new Infiniti models like the QX55 and the QX80, and it will be featured on the 2022 Q50, Q60 and .

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