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Infiniti plans new infotainment system for 2021

There are still some upgrades planned for the current system, too.

Some automakers have chosen to implement dual-screen layouts for their in-car infotainment setups. Infiniti is one of them, and despite some criticism, the automaker will stick to its guns when its next-gen infotainment system debuts.

Infiniti will retain a dual-screen infotainment layout when it overhauls the system in 2021, Australia's GoAuto reports, citing a conversation with Francois Bancon, Infiniti's VP of product strategy.

If they can make the map look like it was designed in this geological era, I'd be content.


Right now, the top screen deals primarily with map and audio displays, while the lower touchscreen is where the actual controls lie, whether for navigation, connected apps or anything in between. However, the quality of graphics between the two can differ a fair amount, as the navigation map looks like it was designed in 1998, while the rest of the graphics look sharper and far more up to date.

According to Bancon, the appearance won't change much, even though the screen sizes will likely expand. He said the new system would have more capacity, a faster reaction time and additional connected features, but he didn't go into further detail. In the meantime, the current system will continue to receive smaller updates, such as the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is slated to happen in 2019.

Infiniti is far from the only automaker to develop a two-screen infotainment solution. Acura had one for a while, but it's slowly moving away from its two-tier system in favor of a single screen. Meanwhile, Land Rover and Jaguar are moving to a dual-screen setup for new products, including the revised 2018 Range Rover. JLR's system doesn't really change anything, though, electing to turn a lower panel of physical buttons for the climate control and vehicle settings into a fully fledged touchscreen instead.

(Hat tip to Autoblog!)