Infiniti to build EV platform with influence from Q Inspiration concept

If there's any concept worth using as inspiration for anything, it's this one.


It's much easier to build EVs if an automaker has a platform designed with EVs in mind from the outset, which is why Infiniti is preparing to go down that path.

Infiniti announced today at a Beijing Motor Show preview event that it will build a dedicated platform for electrified vehicles. It will draw inspiration from the Q Inspiration concept. This aptly named concept makes sense as a base for Infiniti's future prospects. Why? Because it's freakin' gorgeous, that's why.

This is a future I can get behind.


The first vehicle Infiniti plans to produce on this new platform will be one of five new vehicles the automaker will build in China. The Middle Kingdom will likely be the primary market for this new car, but since production is probably a few years out still, it'll be a while before all the details coalesce and we have a better idea of what's actually coming and where it's headed to.

Electric and electrified (think plug-in) vehicles are built differently than standard gas cars, which don't have to worry about a location to shove all those batteries and electric motors. 

Building a new platform that takes those considerations into mind, yet is scalable enough to accommodate vehicles of varying shapes and sizes appears to be on nearly every automaker's mind. BMW announced its own EV platform, as has Volkswagen. We should see the first EV from the latter's MEB platform within the next year and change.

The Q Inspiration was one of our favorite concepts at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. With a variable-compression gas engine under the hood and an interior fit for a future king, it's the most interesting style we've seen from Infiniti in some time. It's allegedly a preview of a forthcoming design language, and if Infiniti even holds true to 25 percent of that, it'll be worth looking at.