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Hyundai eyes flying taxis by 2028

The automaker continues to work with Uber on potential air mobility taxis, and if it has its way, they're coming to a city near you soon.

Hyundai-Uber flying taxi concept
This? In seven years?

Hyundai isn't the only company or automaker to toss its hat into the ring to bring flying taxis to life, but it might be the most bullish. As Hyundai continues to work with Uber on the technology, Jose Munoz, CEO of Hyundai Motor North America, believes we're closing in on liftoff, according to remarks Reuters reported on Monday.

Munoz told media during an Automotive Press Association teleconference that Hyundai foresees air taxis taking to city skylines in Los Angeles and New York City by 2028, or "maybe earlier." Hyundai declined to comment further when asked about the executive's remarks.

It's a bullish timeline for a technology that, 1, is hardly ready for primetime yet, and 2, sits beyond a wall of red tape. City regulation is nowhere near ready to a big increase in the number of small aircraft zipping around skylines. We've got a long way to go, just like self-driving car technology.

Still, Hyundai and Uber look to the future with bright eyes when it comes to flying taxis. Munoz said the automaker has already built vehicles suitable for flying that can sit five to six passengers and zip around for short-distance flights. He doesn't envision the aircraft as a vehicle to go everywhere, though. Instead, they may be able to pick up passengers from urban or suburban locations and then fly off to a major airport. Even if we do get flying taxis in just seven years, they won't be ready to nab you from home and tack you to your buddy's house a few miles away.

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