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Hyundai’s Hope Detector ad pulls the rug out from under our feelings

During a Super Bowl commercial, the South Korean carmaker lets us know that buying a Hyundai is about more than that dope warranty.


Because Hyundai knows that the American public is a bunch of suckers for charity, it decided to pull out all the stops this Super Bowl Sunday with a 60-second ad spot showcasing its charity "Hyundai Hope On Wheels" that benefits pediatric cancer research. Yeah, we weren't expecting it either, and it got us right in the feels.

In the spot, people are shown going through security to an event that was billed as the Super Bowl Experience by Genesis. Each time someone with a set of Hyundai keys went through the metal detector, a heart popped up, and they were directed down a side hall for further security screening. Only, there were no detector wands or rubber gloves waiting for them when they reached the screening room.

In the screening room, they were greeted by recorded thank you videos from survivors of pediatric cancer and then the survivors came out to hug the unwitting families. This is the first time Hyundai has trotted out its charity in a Super Bowl ad, and we're betting it isn't the last.