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Hyundai and Smartcar to trial connected car services

You may soon be able to get your car washed on site or have your groceries delivered to your trunk using an app.

Location-based car services like on-demand fueling and package delivery have yet to really take off, but that's not stopping automakers and tech companies from continuing to innovate in this area.

The latest is Hyundai, which has announced it is teaming up with Smartcar, based in Mountain View, California, to build out its Blue Link telematics infrastructure. The two companies will work together on a secure vehicle access pilot program dubbed Blue Link All-Access. The program aims to hook up services such as on-location car washes and in-vehicle parcel or grocery delivery. Other possible usage scenarios include car sharing programs, remote refueling and recharging, and parking location information services.

The hope is to build on Smartcar's platform and Blue Link to develop an app-based ecosystem that safely enables services that require granting temporary access to your car. "Apps are a fundamental differentiator for car owners. Smartcar and Hyundai are advancing the creation of an ecosystem of apps and services for connected vehicles," said Sahas Katta, Smartcar's CEO and cofounder.

Necessary permissions for such functions may include things like revealing the vehicle's exact location, as well as remote locking and unlocking or sharing vehicle mileage. 

The test program kicks off in the first half of next year in California, but Hyundai and Smartcar plan to demonstrate the technology at this week's LA Auto Show.