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Hyundai says it has an EV icon in forthcoming Prophecy concept car

The Prophecy will debut at the Geneva Motor Show and signal the designs to come from its production EVs.

Hyundai's future looks good to me.

The word "prophecy" is defined as a "prediction." In this case, it's a literal name applied to Hyundai's upcoming concept vehicle, which will showcase where the brand is headed with electric car design.

On Thursday, Hyundai teased the Prophecy EV ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The automaker is clearly proud of its creation as it affirmed this design will "establish itself as a design icon" for the brand's electric vehicle lineup. That's not to say this specific car will get a green light for production, but it could perhaps preview something to come quite closely.

The single teaser photo shows the car's rear end with a major Porsche 911 vibe from the taillight strip. Hyundai said the curves that flow into the rear help define the design, but also enhance aerodynamics. An integrated rear spoiler helps create a sportier look, though it's hardly a brash looking car from this angle.

The concept looks like a totally different direction compared to the Hyundai 45 concept. Last year, the automaker showed the 45 off with seriously retro looks meant to recall the firm's first production car, the Pony. While the 45 was edgy and sharp, the Prophecy looks far more fluid.

Hyundai will save the rest of the details for the Prophecy EV's debut on March 3. Perhaps this is one of many future electric cars that will sit on a future co-developed platform between Hyundai and EV startup Canoo.

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