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Hyundai Teases N Day 2022, New Performance EVs on July 14

A batch of teaser photos and videos hint that the future of Hyundai's N performance division is electric.

Race track grid with motion blurred N Blue vehicle passing through
What mystery electric N model is showcased in this blurry teaser photo?

Hyundai's N performance division has been dropping teasers all over social media today leading up to its N Day 2022 event on July 14. Judging by the obscured photo teasers and hints, we expect the event to focus on electric performance vehicles including hotted-up versions of its Ioniq 5 and newly unveiled Ioniq 6 models.

A video teaser posted to the Hyundai N Worldwide YouTube channel is our clearest hint that the event will focus on electric vehicles. The clip starts with a quick look at the i30N hot hatchback, proclaiming that "N loves corners 'cuz it's fun!" The video's text continues, "but soon, fun evolves." A flash of electricity highlights just the "ev" in "evolve" in the pale Performance Blue that is the hallmark of the N division, while the audible pop and burble of a combustion engine is replaced with a more futuristic, electrified sound.

Posts on Twitter and Instagram followed teasing "a new chapter of driving fun." The first accompanying photo features the distinct pixelated taillight strip of the new Ioniq 6 electric four-door coupe beneath a large, wing-type spoiler. The second photo silhouettes what appears to be a larger, longer vehicle with the stretched hood and coupe proportions -- perhaps the Le Fil Rouge concept returning with a big GT wing? Or maybe a completely new concept?

The third teaser is a track scene showcasing a blurry Performance Blue N vehicle. It's less clear what this model could be. Perhaps it's a more powerful Ioniq 5 N -- photos of test mules have been leaking all over the web recently, so it's almost a guaranteed check on your N Day bingo card.

The Hyundai N Day 2022 showcase is scheduled to kick off on July 14 at 6 p.m. PT -- 10 a.m. on July 15 locally for Hyundai in Seoul -- so we don't have too long a wait to see what other surprises the automaker has in store.