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Hyundai previews new design language with gorgeous Le Fil Rouge concept

The coupe concept offers hints of what to expect from future Hyundai vehicles, from sedans to SUVs, and it looks amazing.

Hyundai adds another win to its hot streak of successes with the debut of a new concept GT coupe at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Dubbed "Le Fil Rouge" the concept looks gorgeous. It also looks a bit like an Aston Martin wearing a large Hyundai badge, but I digress. The large, low-slung coupe profile hides a set of four suicide doors that open wide to reveal a spacious and luxurious concept cabin.

The concept's designers cite golden-ratio-inspired proportions, a "Sensuous Sportiness" theme and "a reflection of Hyundai's belief that the brand's past, present and future designs are all connected" as inspiration for the Le Fil Rouge's structure and style, but there are a few concrete elements that demand closer attention.

Highlights of design include a new three-dimensional interpretation of the brand's Cascading Grille with parametric jewels, long wheelbase proportions with short overhangs and a single, high belt-line crease that emphasizes the vehicle's length by connecting the grille, headlamps, tail lights and wheel arches. Hyundai calls that last detail "Light Architecture."

Meanwhile, another design concept called "Tube Architecture" brings elements of the exterior design into the cabin -- echoing, for example, the vehicle's beltline with the floating center console.

Being purely a design concept, there are no details about the powertrain or performance figures; nor are there stated plans to bring a similar GT coupe to production. However, Hyundai claims that this "Sensuous Sportiness" theme will make its way into all future Hyundai vehicles, ranging from sedans to SUVs.