Hyundai teases yet another SUV, this time for Europe with a debut in Frankfurt

The biggest SUV it currently sells in the EU is the Santa Fe, formerly known as the Santa Fe Sport.

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One thing is for certain: The "floating" C-pillar isn't going anywhere any time soon.


Europe and massive SUVs don't always get along well. The US might have massive stretches of open road, but given that many cities in the EU are older than our entire country, they weren't exactly built with seven-passenger battleships in mind. Nevertheless, clearly thinks there's room to embiggen its European lineup to at least some degree.

Hyundai this week unveiled a new teaser for... something. All we know is that it's an all-new model, so it's not anything we've seen in the US already. In the headline of its press release, Hyundai said it "aims to go big" with this vehicle, so odds are that it will be an SUV, and perhaps the largest yet in its European lineup. A quick perusal of Hyundai's European consumer site shows the (née ) as the largest SUV available. 

While it's possible that Hyundai could pull an about-face and release a European variant of the Venue, since that car isn't slated for sale in Europe, that would fly in the face of "going big" just a bit.

It's clearly not just a reworked , either. The single teaser Hyundai gave out with its release shows a design that doesn't borrow from its stable of global SUV designs. There's a floating C-pillar and what appears to be a thoroughly sculpted taillight, but that's all we can see. It doesn't even look like there's room for a third row, so now I really don't know what to make of it.

This new SUV, which still lacks a name, will receive its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Hyundai promised that more information would be available in the coming weeks, so we're likely to get at least a few more teasers between now and then, just so you don't forget about it. After all, the automaker can't ride the hype train all the way to the station if it peters out quickly following departure.

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