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Honda's CES 2017 stand previews a future of 'cooperative mobility'

There will be interactive displays with plenty of car concepts, so make sure to bring your favorite psychoactive substance when seeing the company's vision of the future.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Watch this: Honda's NeuV concept is a robo-car with a side hustle

CES is slowly morphing into the Las Vegas Motor Show. Honda 's ready to do its part with a stand devoted entirely to mobility and the concepts it wants to bring to reality.

As one may expect from a CES 2017 display, Honda's taking the "let's look at the future" approach. There'll be interactive displays showing off its vision, which will include reducing congestion (likely through sharing and vehicle-to-vehicle communications) and new methods of in-car connectivity.

Honda NeuV Concept
Enlarge Image
Honda NeuV Concept

In the future, everything will be a box, apparently. So much for aerodynamics.


There will be an actual "car" on the stand, as well. Honda will bring its NeuV concept to CES. It's an autonomous EV commuter car that packs an artificial intelligence engine called "emotion engine," which will likely create a more human connection between car and driver. I'd wager its AI is similar to 's Kirobo Mini, except, you know, a car and not a toy robot.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Honda's CEO of R&D, will be present to deliver a keynote address, and he'll also show off a concept motorcycle that involves Honda's robotics to some degree. I think I had "robot motorcycle" on my Christmas list when I was a kid, so that's pretty exciting to see.

Honda will also use CES to make several announcements. Details aren't out yet, but Honda promises new connections with startups and established companies, all in the name of advancing mobility? Sound vague? Of course it does -- Honda's version of the future is still at least a decade away.

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