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Honda turned a Ridgeline into a gnarly side-by-side off-roader for SEMA

Hit the dirt with the whole family in tow.


The SEMA aftermarket trade show is positively littered with all sorts of weird creations, and that includes the automakers themselves. At this year's SEMA show, Honda came out with a Frankenstein build that will have you yearning for the dirt.

Honda unveiled the Rugged Open Air Vehicle concept at SEMA 2018. The car is a hybrid between the Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck and the Honda Pioneer 1000 side-by-side off-road vehicle. It's meant for the dirt, and boy howdy, it looks like it'd be a ton of fun out there.

The ROAV concept relies on a whole host of Honda bits. The body and suspension are modified versions of those found on the Ridgeline, while it uses Pioneer doors to keep the occupants inside. The bed and tailgate are custom, but they were designed based on the Pioneer. The interior comes from the Ridgeline, but it's been beefed up to withstand the elements.

A Pioneer 1000 steering wheel connects to a Ridgeline steering column, and occupants are kept in place thanks to Civic Type R seats that have been modified with waterproof material from the Pioneer. There's no infotainment, but there are some phone holders from RAM Mounts in there, because it'd be hard not to post something to the 'Gram while blasting through the dirt in a pickup-sized side-by-side.

On a potential-for-production scale of "definitely" to "keep dreaming," Honda's concept falls firmly in the latter category. But SEMA is all about dreaming big, and that's what Honda did with its concept, both literally and figuratively.