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​Honda previews fuel cell, autonomous vehicles ahead of Tokyo

At next month's Tokyo Motor Show, Honda will show its next-gen fuel-cell car, which will go head-to-head with Toyota's Mirai. It will also show an autonomous mobility concept and new motorcycles.

Honda will provide a glimpse into its future at October's Tokyo Motor Show. The company is previewing next month's reveals, including what looks to be a production-ready hydrogen fuel cell sedan tentatively dubbed FCV, as well as an unusual Wander Stand autonomous pod concept in which occupants travel while standing upright.

The FCV pick ups where Honda's current FCX Clarity fuel-cell vehicle leaves off, with the five-seat sedan offering a cruising range of "more than 700 km" (435 miles) and a three-minute refueling time. Honda says the concept is longer, lower and more capacious than Toyota's Mirai (ostensibly the inevitable production FCV's chief rival), and will offer significantly more range.

The FCV's front-mounted fuel stack churns out 130 kilowatts which is then stored in lithium ion cells. Motivation is provided by a 130-kilowatt electric motor. When used in conjunction with an external power inverter, the Japanese automaker says that the FCV can even function as a "mobile power plant" to generate electricity in the event of an emergency, enough to power a typically sized Japanese home for up to one week.

Honda says its hydrogen-powered FCV will offer more space and range than Toyota's Mirai. Honda

Honda has long been in the vanguard of pushing for consumer adoption of zero-emissions fuel cell vehicles, so it should come as no surprise that the FCV is earmarked to go into production in March. Distribution will start initially in its home market, with North American and European availability following thereafter. It is not clear if the FCV will be sold in all 50 United States, or if it will be a limited-availability proposition like its FCX Clarity forbearer.

Honda's Wander Stand concept isn't a traditional, full-speed automobile; rather, it's a small-footprint mobility solution designed to let occupants move freely in any direction within pedestrian traffic. It features a windshield with a full-screen head-up display for navigation and communication functions.

Honda will also show another urban mobility concept in Tokyo, dubbed WanderWalker, that looks like a streamlined Rascal. Powertrain specifics for both Wander concepts have not been disclosed.

While Honda's show debuts will have a strong "green energy" ring to them, the Minato, Tokyo-based automaker will also feature a number of high-performance vehicles, among them the previously released NSX supercar, the Civic Type R hot hatchback and Project 2&4 minimalist sports car.

On the motorcycle side, Honda will show a new Light Weight Super Sports Concept and hybridized Neowing three-wheeler.