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Honda's FCX Clarity can power a home for 6 days

Honda equips an FCX Clarity with a mobile power supply system and reveals a new solar-powered hydrogen-fueling station in Japan.


A story from FuelCellToday shows how Honda has turned the FCX Clarity into a zero emissions electric generator on wheels. The auto manufacturer outfitted the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with a mobile power supply system, enabling the car to provide 9 kilowatts of electricity continuously for more than seven hours on a full tank of hydrogen at peak generation. At the lower-generation rates needed to power a typical home in Japan, the FCX Clarity could provide electricity for six days.

Nissan and Mitsubishi also have vehicle-to-home power systems, albeit with smaller energy capacities. These systems can be used in emergency power outage situations or to offset the cost of electricity during peak use hours.

The Honda FCX Clarity and solar-powered home hydrogen-fueling station.
The Honda FCX Clarity and solar-powered home hydrogen-fueling station. Honda

Honda debuted Clarity's latest clean energy feature along with a new solar-powered hydrogen fueling station. The station uses a high-pressure water electrolysis system to produce hydrogen using electricity generated from solar panels. It can generate 1.5 kg of hydrogen in 24 hours, which is enough to power the FCX clarity for 90 miles. Because the system doesn't use a mechanical compressor, Honda says the station is nearly silent and highly energy efficient. The hydrogen generation system was installed at the Saitama Prefectural Office in Japan.

(Sources: FuelCellToday and Honda)