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Honda's naming structure for hybrids and electric vehicles is getting weird

Instead of badging them as "Hybrid" or "electric," the big H is going all in on its new scheme.

The days of this being called the CR-V Hybrid could be numbered.
Honda North America

Can you imagine a world where Apple had never started the trend of throwing lowercase letters in front of other words? What if there were no iMac or iPod? That's the kind of world I'd like to live in, especially now that the corporate complex has also conscripted poor letter e into its service.

Case in point, Honda -- a company not necessarily known for its hybrid and electrified options despite being one of the first companies to sell a hybrid-electric vehicle to consumers -- has decided to rebrand its forthcoming hybrid models as (and I hate typing this) "e:HEV" which is supposed to stand for Hybrid Electric Vehicle, according to a report published Monday by GreenCarReports.

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Does e:HEV look more futuristic than just calling something a Hybrid? Totally, but we don't live in Star Citizen or The Expanse, so it's my guess that it'll just end up confusing buyers. In any case, this new nomenclature is only a part of a move to unify the naming for all of Honda's vehicles, including its two-wheeled offerings. 

The one bright spot in all of these abbreviations is that they may not make it all the way to the US. Honda says that it's not yet finalized its plans for the US market, which means we may be spared the onslaught of clashing letters and colons. Honda representatives told Roadshow that, "at this time, plans for the U.S. are still under development."

Fingers crossed.