Every Honda sold in Europe will be electrified by 2022

It's not clear what this may mean for future Hondas sold in the US, though.

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I still really wish this was coming to America...


Heads up, Europe, Honda has a whole lot of electrified cars coming your way. The automaker said at an event in the Netherlands on Wednesday that every single model it sells in Europe will be electrified in some form by 2022.

Leading the charge (pun intended) will be the Honda E small electric car and the newly unveiled fourth-gen Jazz, which we know as the Fit here in the US. Overall, Honda's revamped timeline concludes three years earlier than the company once promised. Before, 2025 was the date eyed for a full lineup of electrified cars. The automaker said the accelerated timeline reflects Honda's confidence in its electrified powertrains.

It's always important to note that "electrified" does not automatically mean vehicles will be totally electric. The word covers a wide range of powertrains, including mild-hybrids with a 48-volt electrical system, traditional hybrids with an engine, plug-in hybrids and battery-electric vehicles.

Honda said every electrified car will feature "e:Technology" branding to unify global models under one name. For example, the new Jazz will feature an e:HEV badge to signify it's a hybrid electric vehicle.

The Honda E will be all-electric, while the new Jazz/Fit will only be available as a hybrid. They're among six new electrified cars coming in the next three years, including another purely electric car. Other details were absent from the announcement, however. Roadshow also contacted Honda to ask what this accelerated timeline may mean for the US market and the automaker referred back to its most recent statements on US electrification plans.

The comments, made last month alongside the new Honda CR-V Hybrid's debut, mentioned a unique electric-car platform to accommodate various body styles. No timeline was given on when the US will see its first totally electric Honda, and the automaker said it believes hybrids are "the best way to bring electrified powertrains further and more quickly into the mainstream."

In Europe, buyers may also take solace knowing Honda has signed a letter of intent to parter with energy company Vattenfall for renewable energy sources to power charging needs. The UK and Germany will be the first two markets to take advantage of the clean energy next year and more countries will follow after.

The next decade appears to be a major transition point for many automakers working on zero-emissions vehicles. Today, electric cars remain a tiny sliver of all new-car sales, but as regulations in global markets push automakers to build cleaner cars, it's inevitable they'll make their way to the US, too.

Originally published Oct. 23, 9:18 a.m. PT.

Update, 10:11 a.m.: Adds comment from Honda.

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