Honda covered the Civic Type R and NSX in gold to celebrate 50 years in Australia

Precious metals for precious cars... and precious power equipment?

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Man has climbed Mount Everest, gone to the bottom of the ocean. He's fired rockets at the moon, split the atom, achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor... except wrapping an entire lineup of cars, bikes and power equipment in gold.


The 50th anniversary is the golden anniversary, so it makes sense that Honda would paint (or wrap) a bunch of its products that color to celebrate 50 years of sales in Australia.

Honda first set up shop in Australia on Feb. 4, 1969. Just ahead of its golden anniversary, it's unveiled a series of one-off gold machines covering just about every segment in which Honda hawks its wares. That includes its power equipment, so yes, there's a gold generator and a gold lawnmower in the mix, too.

"We thought about how we could celebrate our birthday and our unique diversity in a bold and fun way," said Hiroyuki Shimizu, managing director and CEO of Honda Australia, in a statement. "I mean, who has ever seen a golden mower or generator before?"

Included in this golden mix are a and , the latter of which wears Honda badges in Australia -- and in a hefty majority of markets where the NSX is sold, except in America, where Honda figured it'd be wiser to attach it to its upmarket brand, because that's how marketing works. Honda also extended the shade to its two-wheeled offerings, including a CBR1000RR Fireblade and CRF50F dirt bike.

Honda's 50th anniversary in Australia is gold, Jerry, gold!

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