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Honda Civic sedan dies in Japan once again

The Civic might be bread and butter in the US, but in Japan, its time has come and gone. Again.

One of the cars that built Honda just isn't the ticket anymore back home in Japan.
Jon Wong/Roadshow

The Honda Civic rivals the Accord as the Japanese automaker's banner vehicle. Sure, the CR-V sells like crazy these days, but the Civic helped build Honda into the behemoth it is today. But in Japan, the Civic is, frankly, rather unloved.

Automotive News reported Monday the Civic sedan is dead once again in its home market. The sedan actually died off 10 years ago as Japan started to embrace far smaller cars, but when Honda overhauled the Civic sedan, the automaker decided to give the car another shot.

It didn't work out.

While the Civic Hatchback and Civic Type R will remain on sale, the standard Civic sedan will once again depart Japan after Honda only managed to sell 1,619 of them in the last financial year, according to the publication. The Civic sedan may seem small to Americans, but it's a positively giant car for Japan these days, and that didn't sit well with Japanese car buyers focused on tiny city cars. Americans wouldn't even recognize a large portion of Honda's Japanese lineup.

Honda confirmed the Civic sedan's demise in Japan with Roadshow and said production will end this August. It's clearer than ever that the US certainly has its own tastes when it comes to cars.

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