Honda Civic was carjackers' favorite model to steal in 2018

Well, maybe only because there are so many of them on the road.

Popular with car buyers, just as popular with thieves.
Jon Wong/Roadshow

Honda Civic drivers, your car is wanted. The Japanese compact car was 2018's most stolen vehicle, according to the latest report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau released last month.

The organization puts together an annual "Hot Wheels" report to look at the 10 cars thieves snag every year, and last year, there were 38,426 reports of Honda Civics stolen. It's important to note the report only looks at data submitted by law enforcement agencies across the US. If no one reported a car stolen, it won't show up.

The most popular model year of Civic stolen was, believe it or not, the 2000 Civic. That's surely a testament to just how many of them are still on the road today. (There aren't thousands of Chevy Cavaliers stolen annually, for example.) Total, the organization counted 5,290 Civics hailing from the 2000 model year stolen last year alone.

Right behind the Civic was another Honda: the Accord. The report put Honda's family sedan in second place with 36,815 Accords reported stolen last year. The most popular year of the sedan was the 1997 model year, with 5,029 of them displaced from owners.

Full-size Ford pickups and Chevy pickups claimed third and fourth place, respectively. The NICB lumped all of the full-size trucks into one category, which accounts for light- and heavy-duty rigs. Carjackers picked up 36,355 F-Series pickups last year, while they nabbed 31,566 Silverados. The 2006 F-Series was the most stolen, while criminals picked up 2004 Chevy trucks most often.

The Toyota Camry rounded out the top five with 16,906 stolen last year, though the most popular model stolen came from the 2017 model year. The Nissan Altima (13,284 stolen), Toyota Corolla (12,388), full-size GMC pickups (11,708), full-size Dodge pickups (11,226) and the Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee (9,818) filled out the rest of the list.

As for 2018 model year cars stolen that same year, full-size GMC trucks were No. 1, followed closely behind by Ford's F-Series.

The data is more or less a reflection of the vehicles most populous on our roads. Honda sold its fair share of Civics and Accords over the years, while pickups have more recently picked up steam. In total, 748,841 vehicles were stolen last year, according to FBI statistics, which is actually a 3% decline in thefts from the year prior.

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