Honda Teases 2023 HR-V Crossover Interior

The outside may be questionable, but the inside looks perfectly nice.

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Honda's next-generation 2023 crossover will not be everyone's cup of tea from an exterior styling standpoint, but that likely won't stop Honda from selling them by the boatload. That's because while people definitely care about the styling of a vehicle, they also care about how it is to drive and how it is to live with.

An essential part of a car's livability comes from its interior design and cargo capacity, especially when it comes to crossovers. Based on the teaser images of the new HR-V's interior that Honda dropped on Tuesday, it's going to be pretty nice to live with. 

Black leather center console
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Black leather center console

Even with this limited peek, we're liking the HR-V's interior a lot better than its exterior.


Now, this is a small, affordable crossover, so we're not expecting crazy levels of refinement, but the interior looks like it will be a nice place to spend time based on the leather (or leatherette) console and its seems-big-for-the-class infotainment screen. We don't know any specifics, but Honda has said it's trying to send the HR-V upmarket a bit, and these images seem to corroborate that.

When it comes to the cargo area, we appreciate the HR-V's flat load floor once you get the back seats folded down. This makes things way more manageable if you're trying to load anything long and awkward. That said, even with the back seats up, it looks like it'll be spacious enough, with lots of room for groceries or a suitcase.

Honda expects to launch the 2023 HR-V in the US this summer.

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