Here's Morgan's next 3 Wheeler car featuring Ford power

Morgan previously confirmed it'd replace the now-departed 3 Wheeler, and now we have an idea of what to expect.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
New Morgan 3 Wheeler prototype

The 3 Wheeler lives!


World, meet the next Morgan 3 Wheeler. As the current car departs this year, the small British marque is gearing up to produce a next-generation version of the cult classic machine. On Wednesday, the company provided the first photos of this new car, which isn't yet confirmed to wear the 3 Wheeler name, but until then, it seems fitting enough.

Morgan called this its "all-new three-wheeled model" instead, and said the heavily cloaked prototype hides jet age-inspired design. The outgoing 3 Wheeler is already a pretty neat-looking thing, so I'm intrigued to see where Morgan takes the car next. This type of layout traces its roots back to Morgan's founding in 1909, so the company absolutely wants to nail it.

Other details are slim as the company carries out testing and development, but it did confirm what powers this car. A three-cylinder Ford engine will sit under the hood this time, which also sticks to Morgan's tradition. Ford engines found their way to plenty of the company's vehicles throughout the 20th century. This mill replaces the current car's S&S 1,983 cc engine.

Morgan also strongly hinted there will be an electric version, too, following the EV3 that never quite became reality. "The new model will be powered by an internal combustion engine at launch," Morgan said. Post launch? It sounds like batteries and e-motors are on deck.

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