Hennessey's $3M Project Deep Space is a 6-wheeled, 4-seat EV

The electric hypercar will also have space for four carry-on suitcases and four sets of golf clubs.


Well, this is crazy.


Hennessey Performance isn't exactly known for its subtlety. The brand has been creating high-performance modifications for American muscle cars and trucks for decades, many of which have horsepower figures that require a comma. The brand also developed its own Venom and Venom F5 hypercars that were sold in very small numbers, and now Hennessey wants to seriously branch out its road car development with three brand-new cars over the next 10 years. The first will be a fully electric hypercar that Hennessey is dubbing Project Deep Space, and it's really something.

Project Deep Space's wildest features are its wheel layout and powertrain. The car will have six wheels, with one axle up front and two at the rear, and there's an electric motor for each wheel. No specs on the motors or battery pack were given yet, but Hennessey says it will have "unmatched traction" and could be the car with the quickest acceleration to 200 mph ever. This isn't the first time Hennessey has made six-wheeled vehicles -- it sells conversions for trucks like the Ford F-150 Raptor -- but it'll be very interesting to see how the idea will translate to production.


Take that, McLaren Speedtail.


Then there's the cabin layout. Project Deep Space features four seats, but instead of two traditional rows of seats they're set up in a diamond pattern. The driver has a central seating position with two other seats behind on either side, kind of like the McLaren Speedtail's setup. But then directly behind the driver is what Hennessey calls the Very Very Important Person seat, or VVIP. The VVIP seat has a unique design from the other three and can lie completely flat, like the seat in a plane's first-class cabin. Hennessey says the cabin will have high-quality materials befitting an ultraluxury car, and customers will be able to order bespoke specs.

As far as looks go, we only have two sketches that mostly serve to show off Project Deep Space's layout and packaging. But it looks supersleek and low-slung, with huge overhangs and a teardrop greenhouse. The cabin is accessed by a massive pair of gullwing doors, and Hennessey says the car will have a carbon-fiber chassis and body panels. Four pieces of carry-on luggage will be able to fit in the frunk, while the rear has enough cargo space for four sets of golf clubs.

Hennessey plans for Project Deep Space to go into production in 2026 at its factory in Sealy, Texas, and the powertrain will be developed with the brand's partners like Delta Cosworth and Shell Pennzoil. Just 105 units will be sold worldwide with a price tag of $3 million, making it the most expensive EV you can buy. I can't say that Project Deep Space doesn't seem far-fetched, but if Hennessey is able to pull it off, this electric hypercar could be one of the wildest cars ever made.

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Daniel Golson Former social media editor

Article updated on November 30, 2021 at 12:37 PM PST

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