Hennessey Jeep Maximus and its 1,000 hp are ready to roll

The high-power Jeep is now in production, and it'll cost a cool $225,000.

Sean Szymkowski
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Sean Szymkowski
HPE Jeep Gladiator Maximus
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HPE Jeep Gladiator Maximus

It looks like one heck of a toy.


For those with $225,000 burning a hole in their pocket and a need for a fast off-road machine, Hennessey Performance Engineering has the machine for you.

Well, they have multiple vehicles that'll fit the bill, but this is the latest: the Jeep Gladiator Maximus. The Texas-based tuning company said on Tuesday it's begun production of the go-fast off-roader with the first 4 of 24 vehicles now complete.

For $225,000, buyers get a lot of car. HPE swaps the standard V6 engine for a supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8, and with some tuning, it makes 1,000 horsepower and 933 pound-feet of torque. It's not just a tune, though. HPE swaps in a new ECU, radiator, fuel system and a stainless steel exhaust system. HPE keeps the eight-speed automatic to handle shifting duties. 

Jeep Gladiator Maximus: Ready to rock (crawl) and roll

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An upgraded suspension system with a 6-inch lift and 20-inch off-road tires help boost the off-road credentials, while unique front and rear bumpers help complete the look. Most of the coin makes its way to performance improvements, but there is a custom leather interior with some Maximus embroidering to help the cabin feel a little more special.

If it's any consolation when it comes to price, the lofty sum of money does include a donor Jeep Gladiator. HPE has 20 more of these boss pickups to sell, so step right up, folks.

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