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Harley-Davidson surprises with elegant Serial 1 e-bike

The e-bike group will be known as Serial 1 from here on out, spinning off as a separate entity of Harley-Davidson.

E-bikes continue to grow in popularity around the world, and as Harley-Davidson looks to find its footing in the 21st century, it won't be left behind. On Tuesday, the motorcycle maker revealed Serial 1, its new e-bike division. The company also showed off this elegant Serial 1 e-bike, which takes more than a couple of nods from the firm's first motorcycle.

Technical specifications aren't yet available, which effectively made Tuesday's launch more of an introductory announcement more than anything. Harley-Davidson opened the division's website and published a video showing off the first Serial 1 e-bike, which, and I can't underscore this enough, looks really great. The white tires, built-in headlights and taillights, touches of leather and the old school handle grips really work on this contraption, even if the styles pull from over 100 years ago.

The e-bike is just part of a revamped Harley lineup we should see come to life through 2022. Not only did the company mention an e-bike, but it also showed off a new middleweight electric motorcycle earlier this year. In the same presentation, the company spoke of a lightweight model and even an electric scooter. As for Serial 1, a timer with 18 days left on the clock sits on the company's website, so we'll likely be in for more e-bike news in a few weeks' time.

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