Harley-Davidson LiveWire owners will get free charging from Electrify America

It covers the per-minute equivalent of 500 kWh over those two years, ending when either criteria is met.

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$Free.99 is a hard price to beat. Just don't go overboard on the road trips.

Electrify America

Harley-Davidson first unveiled the production spec of its upcoming LiveWire electric motorcycle in late 2018. Now, just before the media (Roadshow included) take their first crack at this revolutionary offering, Electrify America has an announcement that will be sure to sweeten the deal even further for prospective buyers.

Electrify America announced on Thursday that it has signed an agreement with Harley-Davidson that will give LiveWire owners two years' worth of complimentary charging at Electrify America charging stations across the country. In order to making these chargers easy to find, Electrify America charging locations will be highlighted in the Harley-Davidson app. Owners who buy a LiveWire manufactured between Aug. 2019 and July 2021 can sign up for the plan using Electrify America's app.

It's worth noting some caveats, though: The agreement covers the per-minute equivalent of 500 kWh over those two years, so if you hit the limit early, you'll have to pay for juice after that. Think of it like a car's warranty -- if you reach 36,000 miles before the three-year mark, the warranty is still kaput. It's really an either-or sort of situation, rather than Electrify America offering unlimited charging for that period of time.

Given the LiveWire's battery capacity of 15.5 kWh, that should cover a little over 32 fill-ups. With an estimated range of 95 miles combined city and highway riding, that means riders could receive over 3,000 miles of free electrons, with the number going even higher for riders who stay in the city. It takes 40 minutes on a DC fast charger to reach 80 percent battery capacity, or about an hour from E to F.

The LiveWire has been available for preorder since January, when Harley-Davidson announced open order books at CES 2019. Owners will be glad the juice is free, because the bike sure as heck isn't -- at $29,799, it's one seriously pricey proposition.

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