Gordon Murray's T50 will get a $4.1M track-only version

It's only a milli more than the regular one, no big deal.

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That wing is gnarly.

Gordon Murray Automotive

Gordon Murray Automotive's T50 is a wild child of a sports car. This diminutive performer packs V12 power to the tune of 654 horsepower, and it adheres to the road thanks in part to a 16-inch fan hanging out smack dab in the middle of the rear end. It's a pretty crazy sports car, but there's a forthcoming version that will ramp things up even further.

GMA this week unveiled a rendering of a track-only T50 variant. Known as the T50S, which will undoubtedly complicate the pluralization of the original model, this new version jacks up both the price and the performance. Since GMA didn't have to worry about road-legal annoyances like emissions and noise regulations, the car's 3.9-liter V12 had its wick turned up to produce 720 hp. In order to wield those ponies efficiently, GMA whipped up a new six-speed automatic transmission that replaces the standard model's six-speed manual.

Power is only one part of the equation, though. The T50's 2,174-pound curb weight received a hefty trimming, too. GMA tweaked the body panels, chassis and more to bring the scale's reading down to 1,962 pounds, which is quite the diet. The suspension has been tuned stiffer for racing, while the brakes get new cooling ducts and the entire shebang rides about 1.5 inches closer to the ground. There's also a honkin' 69-inch wing out back to generate even more downforce. Nice.

Even the interior can't escape the shedding. Gone are the T50's road-car bits like the infotainment system, air conditioning, carpets, storage cubbies and such. There's just one passenger seat in there, and the driver's carbon-fiber racing seat sports a six-point harness. The steering wheel's been swapped out for an F1-inspired unit with buttons to activate intercoms and adjust the traction control. Upon buying one, lucky owners will get to commune with GMA to dial in the chassis and interior to that driver's tastes, creating a properly personalized race car.

As you might expect, all these adjustments include a price hike. While the standard T50 rings in at around $3 million, the T50S will raise that window sticker to an eye-watering $4.1 million. It'll also be more exclusive; the T50's total production run is 100 cars, but the T50S will be limited to just 25, which nicely solves that plural problem: Ain't going to see two of these together. Production commences in the first quarter of 2023. Plenty of time to scrounge up that extra scratch.

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