Google Assistant Will Let You Pay for Parking With Voice Commands

The service is tied to the ParkMobile app and will let you pay for, check on or extend your parking remotely.

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Android users won't have to worry about feeding meters by hand thanks to a Google Assistant update.

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If you're into the whole digital personal assistant thing -- and you're reading CNET right now, so I'm going to assume that you are -- then you probably know all about Google Assistant and its massive amount of functionality. And on Thursday Google's just added one more function to the list: It can help you pay for parking.

You won't be able to use voice commands in just any parking meter, however. In order to use Google Assistant to pay for parking, check or re-up your meter, you need an account with the ParkMobile app, which operates in 400 cities.

Now paying for parking is super easy and this is how you do it.


To pay for parking, say, "Hey, Google, pay for parking." Then follow the instructions on your phone. Other function, such as checking your meter and extending your parking, use similar commands. You could already pay for parking through the Google Maps app and Google Pay, so this new features is an extension of that.

Google expects this new functionality to be added to Assistant and rolled out in the coming weeks.

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