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GMC Hummer EV is going racing in electric off-road series, Extreme E

Chip Ganassi Racing's SUV will wear a Hummer EV design to mark the cooperation.

GMC Hummer EV Chip Ganassi Racing Extreme E racing SUV
It's not really a Hummer EV, but it looks cool.

Extreme E, make way for the GMC Hummer EV. Well, the Hummer EV at least in appearance. On Tuesday, GMC announced a new partnership with Chip Ganassi Racing that will see the company's electric SUV racing machine wear Hummer EV styling in the Extreme E electric off-road series.

Much like NASCAR stock cars merely representing the nameplate raced in design, it won't be an actual Hummer EV hitting the dirt. Extreme E regulations include a common chassis for teams to use, called the Spark Odyssey 21, and the battery comes from Williams Advanced Engineering. The competing teams do have control over the electric powertrain, however. Other areas for teams to gain an advantage include various body panels. But, by and large, the electric SUVs are spec machines.

The drivers who will pilot the Hummer EV racing SUV will be Kyle LeDuc and Sara Price as Extreme E travels the globe to various locations for its "X Prixs," as they're called. The whole idea behind the FIA-sanctioned motorsport is to promote the adoption of EVs globally. So far, the sport attracted 10 teams with backing from high-profile names in motorsport, including seven-time Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton.

The series is set to kick off this April in Saudi Arabia.

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