Carlos Ghosn's son wired $600,000 in cryptocurrency to aid father's escape, report says

The payment allegedly went to the son of ex-Special Forces soldier Michael Taylor.

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Ghosn has vowed to aid those who helped in his flight from Japan.

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The tale of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn's escape from Japan is a pretty wild story, and it would seem that it just keeps getting wilder. Case in point, officials are now saying that Ghosn's son wired the son of ex-Army Special Forces vet Michael Taylor some $600,000 worth of cryptocurrency , according to a report published Friday by Reuters.

This would appear to be in addition to the $862,500 that Ghosn wired to Taylor's company shortly before his escape, which -- depending on the type of cryptocurrency and the speed with which they withdrew it -- made for a pretty sweet payday for the Taylor family.

News of the crypto payout comes as part of the United States' efforts to prosecute the Taylors for their part in Ghosn's escape. Currently, the Taylors are attempting to negotiate bail, but federal prosecutors contend that with their particular set of skills and with their considerable resources -- not to mention Ghosn's recent promise to help those who aided his escape -- they are serious flight risks.

The Taylors have been in jail since May as Japanese officials negotiate their extradition for their roles in Ghosn's great escape. Ghosn himself fled to Lebanon, which seems to have been a pretty smart move, given Japan's lack of an extradition agreement with that country.

A federal judge is set to listen to their latest pleas for release on bail on Tuesday.

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