Genesis launches all-inclusive lease program for G70, G80, G90

Genesis Spectrum is a subscription-style lease that includes insurance.

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2019 Genesis G70 Sport AWD
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2019 Genesis G70 Sport AWD

The G70 will be available under the Genesis Spectrum program.

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is the latest automaker to experiment with a subscription-style program for its cars. Genesis Spectrum, announced Wednesday, will allow shoppers to combine their lease and insurance payments together into one monthly sum. 

Genesis Spectrum will be offered for the G70, G80 and G90 sedans. So far, it's available only at the brand's 45 dealer locations in Florida. Insurance to lessees will be provided by Metlife Home & Auto. Again, specifics haven't been announced, though Genesis says the insurance will provide "competitive coverage" with a $500 deductible.

The 36-month leases start at $489 per month with $2,699 down for the G70, $569 per month with $3,999 down for the G80 and $909 per month with $5,499 down for the G90. Although insurance is covered, Genesis also notes that taxes and registration fees are not included in the Spectrum payment.

2019 Genesis car family
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2019 Genesis car family

All of Genesis' sedans are eligible for the program.


The basic premise of Genesis Spectrum is similar to subscription products like Care by Volvo or Lexus Complete Lease, which intend to make leasing a car a simpler, one-stop proposition. Most competing programs combine lease and insurance payments, generally with shorter-than-normal leases. Some, like Care by Volvo, even allow for picking out and ordering your car online.

For Genesis, the Spectrum program is intended to make car shopping easier for customers by eliminating the need to secure insurance separately. "More than anything, the Genesis Spectrum premise respects our customers' time, which is their most valuable luxury," Genesis Motor America chief operating officer Erwin Raphael said in a statement.

As with every Genesis model, cars leased through the Spectrum program also come with Service Valet, where dealers will pick up and drop off the owners' car for servicing, as well as standard luxury-carmaker perks like roadside assistance, three years of map updates and a Genesis Connected Services telematics subscription.

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