Ford to release much-improved Focus Electric later this year: Report

It appears that Ford's first electric car will remain off-limits for most states, though.

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You may not know about it, because you live in a state where it isn't sold, but Ford has an all-electric Focus, and has since 2012. In the wake of all these new and improved EVs hitting the market, Ford is reportedly addressing its biggest failing -- range -- in an update slated for later this year.

Ford should debut its updated 2017 Ford Focus Electric later this year, InsideEVs reports. The most important update will be a larger battery, which will increase capacity by 46 percent, from 23 kWh to 33.5 kWh. The 2017 Focus Electric is also reportedly receiving DC fast charging, up to 50 kW, which should provide a majority of the battery's charge in about half an hour.

That would put the revamped Focus Electric's range at about 110 miles, whereas the current model is rated for just 76 miles of range. This would put it in direct comparison to two other new EVs -- the 2016 Nissan Leaf with its larger battery option, and the forthcoming Hyundai Ioniq Electric.

If you haven't heard of the Focus Electric before, that's because it's a low-volume "compliance" car. California and other states have mandates where large automakers must ensure that some of their production volumes include zero-emission vehicles, which includes battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. The Chevrolet Spark EV and Kia Soul EV fall into this category of "compliance car," as well.

If InsideEVs' report is true, there's a good chance we'll see the new Focus Electric on stage during the next round of auto shows. The most prominent compliance-state auto show is the Los Angeles Auto Show, so if we were bettin' folk, we'd put our money on a November reveal in the City of Angels.

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