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Shelby Signature Series Mustang flexes with 825 hp

Those 825 ponies will cost you, though.

Signature Series Shelby Mustang
Oh, that's good, Shelby. Very good.

Make way for another high-horsepower muscle car -- and this one bears the coveted Shelby name. On Thursday, Shelby American introduced the Shelby Signature Series Mustang, which will make its debut in the metal at the National Automobile Dealer Association Show on Friday.

We're talking a serious amount of power here. There's a total of 825 horsepower ready and willing for drivers to dip into, and buyers can have the power their way. Both a coupe and convertible will be offered, and both automatic and manual transmissions are available. That's right, 825 hp with a standard shift. Yowza.

If the body looks a bit curvier than your standard Mustang, or even other Shelby-branded 'Stangs, that's because it is. Shelby added aluminum fenders to give the Signature Series Mustang some big hips, and it also provides the clearance for a set of forged, one-piece Monoblock wheels. Hiding behind the bodywork is a Ford Performance-tuned MagneRide suspension.

But let's talk about the power, and the things helping said power. Shelby worked over the familiar 5.0-liter Coyote V8 and paired the unit with a supercharger to boost output to 825 hp. Meanwhile, a new high-flow exhaust lets the car breathe easier -- and likely sound a whole lot meaner.

Other design tweaks are meant to help the Shelby Signature Series Mustang cut through the wind even better. A ram-air hood, front and fascia tweaks help improve aerodynamics, and in the process force more cooler air under the hood.

Just 50 of these wild things are slated for production, but be prepared to write a check with far more digits. Shelby said the Signature Series Mustang will start at $127,795, which includes the donor Ford Mustang. Like the standard car, everything is covered by a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. Unlike a regular Mustang, these cars will obviously get special badging and become part of the official Shelby Registry.

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